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Folly Road Brewhouse

We are delighted to announce that the name for our new brewery is Folly Road Brewhouse.

We’re located on Folly Road, Devizes and everyone at HQ just loved it as a name. 

We also issued polls and competitions to name the new brewhouse and public opinion also came back to Folly Road.  It was meant to be!

Our new branding was created by the fantastic team at Eleven Miles, strategy, branding and content agency, based in Bournemouth.

The Folly Road master brand logo is designed using a striking typeface to convey the energy and passion put into everything we are planning to do at Folly Road Brewhouse.

You’ll notice a horse icon, this is a nod to Wiltshire and the famous white horses (shown here also in black!), as well as a subtle representation of the historic past of Wadworth and our shire horses. 


We are busy getting ready to move our brewery, warehouse and office teams over to Folly Road Brewhouse, and with this comes the opportunity to launch new beers.

We’re proud of our past and fired up by our future and as such, we’ll be continuing to brew our Wadworth range of traditional ales, but we’ll also be starting to brew a Folly Road range of craft beers.

If you remember back to Autumn 2022, we launched a competition to design what these new beers could look like and we had over 200 submissions of awesome creativity and raw talent.

We can’t wait to share with you the winning designs next year – along with the beer itself of course!

Talking of beer, in Autumn 2022 we also asked our customers what kind of beers they’d like to see us brew and in short, the most popular choice for the style of beer for us to brew was a Session IPA (4-4.5% ABV).  Closely followed by a Pale Ale (3.8-4.3% ABV).  There was also a lot of love for a hoppy IPA (5-5.5% ABV) and a stout. 

With this insight, our brewers are busy innovating and we’re looking to launch Folly Road craft beer in Spring 2024 with trials and focus groups beforehand to make sure we get all your feedback and launch beers you’re going to love!

Watch this space…